Frequently Asked Questions:

[efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Isn’t Mobile Grooming Expensive? What are your Prices?” text=”

The pricing for our mobile grooming service is based upon our salon prices.  These prices are competitive with those of local grooming salons and are breed specific with the assumption that your pet’s coat is in typical condition.

For mobile grooming, there is an additional fee for the personal one-on-one attention and convenience offered by having one of our talented groomers come out to your home.  At PurrFurred Pet Styling, this additional mobile grooming fee is $25.00.

Most customers feel that the advantages of mobile grooming (as stated above) outweigh the additional cost of mobile grooming. However, if the additional cost of mobile grooming is not for you, then we can most likely accommodate your needs at our salon location.

Please call us at (630) 577-7652 or email us with the type pet you have for a price quote.

“] [efitems title=”How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?” text=”

Mobile Grooming – Generally, our mobile service is booked about 2 weeks in advance, however there are times that we book about 3-4 weeks in advance.

Salon Grooming – Our salon is usually booked about 2-3 days in advance.

With either service we recommend that you schedule your next appointment on the day you have your pet groomed. It’s best to set-up a recurring schedule to guarantee the time and day that works best for you is always available.

“][efitems title=”How long does the grooming process take?” text=”

Mobile Grooming – Most mobile grooming appointments are completed within 1 – 1½ hours depending upon breed, size, and condition of your pet. Larger, hairier breeds may take up to 2-3 hours.

Salon Grooming – You should expect that your pet will be with us for 2 1/2 – 3 hours for smaller breeds and up to 4 hours for larger, hairer breeds. We know that noboby wants to leave their pets at the groomers all day, so we make every effort to get them in and out of our salon as quickly as possible.

“][efitems title=”Do you need to hook your van up to my house for water or electricity?” text=”No, our vans are fully self-contained. All we need is a place to park!”][efitems title=”Do you groom cats?” text=”Yes, we do! Call us at (630) 577-7652 for prices.”][efitems title=”How often should my dog or cat be groomed?” text=”Depending upon breed, it is recommended that your pet be groomed every 4-6 weeks. Some breeds may need to be groomed more often. We will recommend how often your pet should be groomed at the completion of your first grooming appointment.”][efitems title=”Can I schedule recurring appointments?” text=”Yes, in fact, we encourage this. This way you can always count on us being at your home or office at the same time on a specific day of the week. We book appointments in advance for many of our customers, and it is usually best to at least schedule your next appointment after your current grooming is complete.”][efitems title=”How old does my puppy have to be before I can have him/her groomed?” text=”It is recommended that puppies have no less than their second set of booster shots (usually 12 weeks old) before their first grooming appointment.”][efitems title=”Can I stay with my pet while he/she is being groomed?” text=”No. Generally speaking, most pets behave better and are less anxious when there owners are not present. Also, due to insurance purposes and because we value the safety of our clients and their pets, nobody other than the groomer and the pet are to be in the van during the grooming process. If you would like to take a look at our van before or after grooming, you are more than welcome to do so.”][efitems title=”Is there a weight limit or breed restrictions?” text=”We don’t have any breed restrictions, however we do have a weight restriction for mobile grooming clients of 75 lbs. We don’t have any weight restrictions for in-shop grooming customers.”][/efaccordion]