Mobile Grooming

Mobile Grooming Advantages:

  • You avoid taking time from your busy schedule to drop off and pick up your pet(s)…We come to You!
  • Your pet avoids the stress of traveling in the car and being left in a strange environment.
  • You and your pet receive the full one-on-one attention from a professional pet stylist.
  • Your pet is never confined in a cage or kennel.
  • No exposure to other dogs, diseases, or parasites.
  • Most services done typically within one hour.

Our Mobile Salons

All of our grooming vans have been professionally built and equipped with everything found in a typical grooming salon, such as a full-size grooming tub, grooming table with adjustable height that lowers for convenience of larger or elderly dogs, heated dryers, and much more!

Our vans are also climate controlled to keep your pet comfortable anytime of the year!


Service Area Map

But, Isn’t Mobile Grooming Expensive?

The pricing for our mobile grooming service is based upon our salon prices.  These prices are competitive with those of local grooming salons and are breed specific with the assumption that your pet’s coat is in typical condition.

For mobile grooming, there is an additional fee for the personal one-on-one attention and convenience offered by having one of our talented groomers come out to your home.  At PurrFurred Pet Styling, this additional mobile grooming fee is $22.00.

Most customers feel that the advantages of mobile grooming (as stated above) outweigh the additional cost of mobile grooming. However, if the additional cost of mobile grooming is not for you, then we can most likely accommodate your needs at our salon location.

Please call us at (630) 577-7652 or email us with the type pet you have for a price quote.