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  • Sandra R. Avatar
    Sandra R.
    5 star rating
    2/24/2020 - Yelp

    This is my second time making an appointment with them for my poodle mix. This time around he had very... read more

    Ann Flanagan Avatar
    Ann Flanagan
    12/05/2020 - Facebook

    Yes, professional personnel. The van is new and extremely clean.

    Jennifer Kapellen Avatar
    Jennifer Kapellen
    7/14/2020 - Facebook

    I have 2 exotic shorthair cats and they looked like a hot mess before seeing Sarah today.

    They are now...
    read more

    Julie Miller Avatar
    Julie Miller
    1/08/2017 - Facebook

    The staff is so friendly and our pets look great! Our dog can be timid around strangers but the staff... read more

    Joyce S. Avatar
    Joyce S.
    5 star rating
    8/28/2020 - Yelp

    Every single time I bring my pup into the shop, he is treated like a king despite the fact he... read more

    Maddie V. Avatar
    Maddie V.
    5 star rating
    10/11/2019 - Yelp

    My family dog came to visit and I wanted to get him trimmed. The team did an amazing job (I'm... read more

  • Amy Lapsey Avatar
    Amy Lapsey
    11/06/2019 - Facebook

    Love this place for pet grooming. The staff was so friendly and took the time to talk to me... read more

    Shirley H. Avatar
    Shirley H.
    5 star rating
    12/21/2020 - Yelp

    My very furry dog is all groomed for the holidays! He always looks so good after his visits to... read more

    Kat W. Avatar
    Kat W.
    5 star rating
    6/05/2020 - Yelp

    We have been using Purrfurred Pet Styling for 8-9 years now. Ever since our dog, Poppy, was injured at a... read more

    Emily Ann Avatar
    Emily Ann
    10/22/2020 - Google

    My cat HATES having his nails clipped, and they’re able to get it done so quickly! I love that they... read more

    Candice S. Avatar
    Candice S.
    5 star rating
    11/15/2018 - Yelp

    I needed a local place with professional, kind, fun and patient loving staff!! Found it right here!! Amazing service! ... read more

    Yvonne S. Avatar
    Yvonne S.
    5 star rating
    8/03/2019 - Yelp

    This place was awesome. They took our 5 month old Chihuahua Terrier right away trimmed his face hair, grounded his... read more

  • Jan Drowns Avatar
    Jan Drowns
    12/11/2019 - Facebook

    Michelle always does a great job on my girls...even though they can be little stinkers.

    Lola Jones Avatar
    Lola Jones
    9/14/2020 - Facebook

    Dog grooming. This was our first time using PurrFurred and we were SO happy.

    Beth Anderson Richard Avatar
    Beth Anderson Richard
    8/07/2018 - Facebook

    The groomer did an amazing job with my two shihpoos they look adorable and Alison was able to keep the... read more

    Jen H. Avatar
    Jen H.
    5 star rating
    2/13/2014 - Yelp

    Once you go mobile, you'll never go back. Love that they come to your house to groom (especially nice when... read more

    Jane Tabisz Avatar
    Jane Tabisz
    12/23/2020 - Facebook

    Our precious, anxious old pup looks like a glamour girl! Thanks so much and happy holidays!

    Stephanie Kamp Jacks Avatar
    Stephanie Kamp Jacks
    1/26/2021 - Facebook

    OMG!! You did an amazing job on our 20 year old cat! Thank you!!

  • Jennifer Slepski Avatar
    Jennifer Slepski
    1/27/2019 - Facebook

    The mobile service is always on time. The staff are friendly and quick.

    Justine K. Avatar
    Justine K.
    5 star rating
    3/23/2018 - Yelp

    I normally have the mobile truck groom my dog.
    They are always good and do an amazing job.

    Tom W. Avatar
    Tom W.
    5 star rating
    8/21/2018 - Yelp

    I have been using their mobile grooming for over three years now. My dog is 14 now and Rachel is... read more

    Stephanie RDH Avatar
    Stephanie RDH
    2/26/2021 - Google

    We have been using PurrFurred pet styling mobile grooming for years. They are always professional and truly great with your... read more

    Lisa H. Avatar
    Lisa H.
    5 star rating
    1/23/2020 - Yelp

    I was desperately looking for a groomer for our two dogs. We have an Elkhound and a boxer mix.... read more

    Maggie M. Avatar
    Maggie M.
    5 star rating
    2/22/2020 - Yelp

    They did such a great job with my mini goldendoodle!! The groomers at this location were so sweet and welcoming.... read more

  • Margaret Urban Avatar
    Margaret Urban
    4/12/2018 - Facebook

    We've been twice. Happy with their service so far. I think we've found our groomer 🙂

    Deena Mora Avatar
    Deena Mora
    7/30/2018 - Facebook

    Rachel has been grooming my cats for a couple years now. They only see her twice a year but she... read more

    Catherine Morris Avatar
    Catherine Morris
    12/24/2020 - Facebook

    Most of the groomers were nice and my dog seemed to enjoy the experience. I’ve been using the service for... read more

    Toni H. Avatar
    Toni H.
    5 star rating
    5/20/2021 - Yelp

    This was my cat's first visit and I'm very pleased. I was a little worried because I have an older... read more

    Marc Alan Avatar
    Marc Alan
    1/09/2017 - Facebook

    Dana is awesome. Period!! She is always so accommodating with my two dogs Bailey and Gus.

    Manny L. Avatar
    Manny L.
    5 star rating
    9/05/2019 - Yelp

    The workers here are very friendly and knowledgeable! They show you different hair lengths so you can pick the right... read more

  • Margaret Lehner Avatar
    Margaret Lehner
    12/15/2020 - Facebook

    Great, convenient service. My pooch always looks great and has no problem being groomed. I have had their service for... read more

    Jaclyn Hibner Avatar
    Jaclyn Hibner
    12/16/2020 - Facebook

    We have been using PurrFurred Pet Styling for over a year and LOVE Danielle! She is extremely friendly and sweet... read more

    Margaret Culkeen Avatar
    Margaret Culkeen
    12/05/2020 - Facebook

    First time for Bailey the Weste they did a great job with the cut and oatmeal bath and blueberry facial!... read more

    Lisa Janis-Brown Avatar
    Lisa Janis-Brown
    1/27/2018 - Facebook

    I have an 80lb, 15 month old Gordon Setter who hates to be bathed and groomed. We just had our... read more

    Samantha Guevara Avatar
    Samantha Guevara
    9/30/2020 - Facebook

    We've owned dogs for years without ever going to a groomer, so after recently adding a Yorkie to our family... read more

    Robin L. Avatar
    Robin L.
    5 star rating
    5/25/2019 - Yelp

    Max came out from his grooming appointment as handsome as always! Thanks for doing a great job yet again!